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October is definitely a good month, for many reasons... of course there's Joe's 21st birthday! then there's halloween, and leaves start to change color and fall. anyone who mowes their lawn, this is the last month you have to worry about that. but this october is extra special! cause we've got big plans, and we're ready to let you in on them!

You all probably know we've been working hard on some new songs! well after a long year of writing and preparing, we're getting ready to head back into the studio! We've also managed to snag ourselves a great producer! His name is Steve Soboslai. You might know him as the singer of Punchline. He's been a good friend to the band, and on october 22nd, we will be travelling into Pennsylvania, and gettin started on everything!

You all better be as excited as we are!

Steve himself is also looking for more bands to work with when he's not touring! If you're in a band and interested to get a hold of him, he comes highly recommended by Tough Call! This is where you go to message him:


Keep checkin in with us as we continue to rock you off your feet, and for a small taste of new songs to come, dont miss this sundays show! It's Joe's 21st birthday, and Alucards cd pre-release!!! We'll play a new song or two and give everybody a taste of whats to come!!!!

Tough Call

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